Baptism is one of the two sacraments of the Church of England. Baptism is very important in the life of a Christian believer. In Harlescott Parish there is an `open’ baptism policy, which means that children can be baptised, or christened as it is also known, as well as adults. Whether the baptism takes place at Holy Spirit church or Emmanuel Church, we ask families to attend some preparation sessions. The content and delivery of these sessions is currently under review to meet Coviod-19 guidelines. Following attendance at these sessions a baptism can be booked. Parents are expected to attend, godparents make the same vows in the service and so they too should attend unless they do not live locally. The sessions normally cover the basics of Christian belief and how the vows in a baptism service relate to that belief.

We offer a `Thanksgiving for the birth of a Child’ service to all families. This can be booked without any preparation sessions as there is no commitment to the church and no vows are made to God. Some families prefer this service because it allows their child to make their own decision about the Christian faith when they are ready, some families like this service as a first step to familiarise themselves with the church before baptism.

If you are considering either of these services for you and your child, please contact either Holy Spirit church office or Emmanuel church office for more details.

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